Raskaskoneisto Motion Graphics Showreel Fall 2017

Here's a quick overview on what the hell has Raskaskoneisto been working on for the last few years. One scene might be a bit NSFW, how ironic is that?

Soundtrack by Magician De Liver.


50 Years of Children's Television (TV Promo)

Check this out! Our team at Yle created this whimsical little music video to promote the 50th anniversary of TV programmes for kids.

Written and directed by Henri Weiss, animated and illustrated by Hans Weckman, sound design by Pete Koskimäki, edited by Sanna Rusthollkarhu, and the campaign managed by Merete Manninen.

This little sucker won a Silver Award for Best Promotion for a Children´s Programme at Eurovision Connect 2015. I was proud af.

***BONUS CONTENT UNLOCKED*** Watch this exclusive behind the scenes timelapse of the animation process: http://youtu.be/lwUofjfrQjA


Perverted Bastards - Plain Terror

This one is a fun little music video I put together for my homies Perverted Bastards. It's a glitchy, grimy journey that explores mankind's - or just my own - relationships with the finer things in life: Drugs, Sex, and Violence.


Perverted Bastards - Vastare

The flipside. The post-post-post-modern horror of post-post-post-modern society. WTF - Welcome to Finland. It's life, but not as we know it. It's also another hilarious music video for Perverted Bastards, two guys sicker than Ebola victims.


Pilkun Jälkeen - Isyys / Fatherhood

Here's an animation I wrote/illustrated/animated for the Finnish Public Broadcasting Company Yle. It was featured in a talk-show called Pilkun Jälkeen, episode 8, the topic of discussion being Fatherhood. A bit grim, this one, but ultimately uplifting and loving. To me, parenthood is mostly about accepting and cherishing your kids even though they won't do what you initially might think you'd want them to do. So that was my attempted point.

Sound Design by Anssi Tamminen. Pilkun Jälkeen can be found in Yle Areena. Sorry, probably geoblocked everywhere but the Northern Wastelands!


Yle Teema Brand Showreel 2014

When I worked as an Art Director for Yle Teema back in 2014, I was commissioned to create a Brand Showreel to express the values of this fine, culture-oriented TV channel. These eight seconds were the result.

Yes, the client actually liked it.


The Idol

This shit be old! 480p in da house! Well, I still kinda like it, at least the dancing bits. One of my first animations back in the school daze. A story of the often futile and depressing quest for inspiration, perhaps? Music stolen from someplaces.