So, there's this guy, you know? Most people he's worked with say he's pretty good at whatever, and more! Such creativity!

As a visual artist, Hans Weckman (aka Raskaskoneisto) is consistently unpredictable. He views his physical tools and software as his personal friends and extensions of himself.

Hans absorbs influences equally from his Childhood, Street Art, Quantum Physics, Family Life, Road Cycling and Just About Every Other Thing There Is.

Constantly experimenting on new styles and techniques, he stalks through unknown territory with the tenacity of a foraging bear. As you can see, he isn't exactly what you'd call an eloquent writer.

His current day job has him designing graphics and animations for TV broadcast and other media in Helsinki, Finland. Often ready and available for some on-the-side freelancery as well.

I'll just mention that he also worked for a couple of years in Yle Marketing as an Art Director. Marketing experience is important, right?


Contact him through a skilled medium (sufficiently proficient in spirit channeling, and equipped with killer hips).

Or email hpweckman (at)